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Founder & Creative Director



“I find success in rough experiences: thinking outside the box, breaking the established, climbing mountains of stress and facing constant learning. Life itself is about that, improving and moving forward. I like to believe I am a hunter, searching for open minds and bright projects around the world.”

CEO & Graphic Designer



“It is a challenge to work in graphic communication nowadays: customers are increasingly better trained, and our demands require greater portability, immediacy, interactivity and ownership, coupled with the need to reach a deeper interaction level.

To get the point, we must immerse ourselves in this maelstrom of updates and get afloat, with innovative and fresh ideas.”


Identity designer & Art Director


De Lusarreta

“We live in an otherwise saturated world, being constantly bombarded with data. Therefore, when positioning a brand, collaboration and cooperation between people is the best way to start a project. Understanding user needs and exceeding those parameters is the key to success.”

Web Developer

Agustin Mouratoglou

“Since 2012, I’ve been practicing the alchemy of transmuting caffeine drinks into user centric scalable digital solutions that engage and convert. Always using the latest software techs.”


UX Designer



“Specialist in doing many things at once. According to my title, I am a graphic designer, but beyond it, I am dedicated to content creation, network management, design and websites. My north is set to improve my front-end development skills and specialize in online stores. 100% digital, 100% universal.

Graphic designer, Illustrator & Front-end developer



"Learning is the best investment and I constantly dedicate myself to it. There are two types of people: The ones who make the world and the ones who use it (we all enter in the second group). My day-to-day as a content creator and problem solver is a constant race to stay in the First"


Technician in Public Relations & Community Manager



"Connecting with People is my thing, and I always considered that these bondings define us. In this World where social media is so deeply a part of our daily lives, It is crucial to know how to manage our own image, and how we aim to make the most of it."

Graphic designer, Illustrator & Concept Artist



"There is nothing more satisfactory for me than a design that works as intended. Whether it is illustration or graphic design, I believe that true aesthetic beauty comes from something that works in the most efficient way possible to truly communicate with the audience."


Identity Designer & Packaging Designer



"In the fast-paced world that is constantly evolving, it’s important to deliver catchy, fresh and responsible solutions that answer needs and fulfill the original purpose. It’s important to source ideas and opportunities from various fields, be ready to face modern world challenges and create room for further development"

Web Designer & Illustrator



I like working minimalist because I think the result is not a random design, but the perfection of the simplicity, disregarding what is left and choosing the best, it is about saving time, it is about common sense and achieving maximum functionality through of a minimum of resources and therein lies its beauty.


Editorial & Graphic Designer

Olga Pipnik

For me a perfect work is balanced. Every project is a challenge of matching together different pieces, seeing the best way to make them work through beauty, logic and deep understanding of each particular case.

As an editorial designer, I see my work as a point between irrational and systematic, so somehow it is always a search of the golden mean

Social Media Designer & Manager

Patricio Morel

“I am an Internet-born Centennial, I like to solve problems that others might find difficult, I believe that an image can unite people and that communication is vital for us to strengthen ourselves.  There is no challenge that cannot be solved or an unattainable goal, designing is uniting, communicating is the key


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