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Boost your brand and give your followers a better experience, now it is possible


We are sorry to tell you but any brand that is not present on social media is a brand that does not exist.


Publications on Social Networks are our daily showcase and where we have the opportunity to stand out above our competitors in an increasingly saturated market.


The posts you make could be a potential client.

Have you thought about?

If you are not in the networks,

you don't exist

Every detail is important.

At Zenda we suggest you take care of even the smallest detail so that the experience of your clients / followers is completely unique.


One of the most important objectives in our entire social media strategy is to achieve a growing reach of your brand.


Obtaining a professional brand image on social networks allows you to generate a daily contact link based on trust and professionalism that is totally linked to the quality with which you present your product to the world. We work every detail to make it personal and unique.

Image by XPS

The key is in the words

First we study your brand and read between the lines to get the true power of the message.

+ Elaboration of general concept.

+ Recommended posting hours.

+ Discursive analysis.

+ Suggestion of texts.

Details that give life to each project

Our creatives analyze your concept and propose something totally unique to be able to tell your idea in a new way.

Young Designer

+ Original parts for each project.

+ Custom design.

+ Visual impact and design strategy.


Choose which way to go

After studying your concept, we present you with a variety of styles to choose from to communicate your image. Feel free to impose your idea in style.

+ Different styles options.

+ Suggestions.

+ Strategy.

+ Strategy for each social network

Take organized control of your social networks everywhere

We work with the Google Calendar platform to create a personal and private space that will allow you to easily find the content on the date you want to publish it.

It will allow you to make notes and comments easily even from your mobile.

Image by Bruno Gomiero

+ Effective publishing and scheduling with Google Calendar.

+ Transparent team collaboration.

+ Recommended posting times, analytics, and metrics.

+ Personalized process.


You are the owner of each project

In addition to delivering each post ready to be published, our designers carefully build all the content in editable files so that you or your team of designers can edit it as many times as necessary if necessary.

+ Editable files in PSD.

+ Posts ready to be published.

+ Guide to use the content.

A transparent process ensures an ideal result

You can consult the social media design process of your brand when you need it. Working together, client and creative, is a fact.

Our professionals can always share information about the stages your project is in.

Image by Austin Distel

+ Advice during the brand creation process.

+ Direct contact with the creative agency.

+ Online calls and meetings to check the process.

+ Creative process available in English and Spanish.

Get extra benefits

Hiring our services on a recurring basis not only improves our relationship but also allows you to advise you much better based on our experience working with you. In addition, we grant facilities for being a regular customer.


Do you need more help? Send us a message

Boost your brand with our social media packs

Here you can compare the different plans for social networks that we have available for one-time or monthly contract, as you need it.


8 Posts/Images Designed

2 Style options to choose from

1 Social network of your choice

1 Round of simple modifications



+ 10 Posts/Images Designed

+ 3 Style options to choose from

+ 2 Social network of your choice

1 Round of simple modifications

+ Editable text file in Photoshop (Available)


+ 20 Posts/Images Designed (2 simple videos)

3 Style options to choose from

2 Social network of your choice

+ 2 Round of simple modifications

Editable text file in Photoshop (Available)

+ 8 Adaptations for Instagram Highlights Stories.

+ Available for monthly hiring.


Unlimited style options to choose from.

Month of Images designed.

Adaptations for featured stories.

Custom videos.

Total network coverage.

Available for monthly hiring.

Suggestion of texts for the image footer.

Redesigned profile and cover.

Scheduled publications.

Analysis of metrics.

Advice for paid publications.

You don't know which package is the one that suits you? Send us a message

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