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Brand Identity

Brand identity for a Fitness Studios in United Kingdom

"An identity to live up to.
It’s not every day that you get a client that challenges you to go above and beyond yourself."

They reached Zenda with emotion, determination and with the idea of developing  a complete identity of a new brand with a new concept, of course we agreed without hesitation!

A brand inspired by top quality gym studios whose goal is to empower people to release the force withing that goes beyond themself, becoming the best partof their day, a unique experience on each class.  

S7RONGER Studios combines cryotherapy sessions and EMS smart workouts (20 minute sessions) to  provide a premium service designed for people with busy timetables but that still want to look and feel good, as well as for those who follow the fitness lifestyle

Before creating and developing the final brand we assisted to fitness events in Germany and United Kingdom to understand the context and environment where the brand would develop.

This is how we gather essential aspects of minimalism for S7R, where the air is present to create a clean brand, an original typography with sufficiently modern and strong characters, a color palette reduced to two colors: blue (chosen after months of research and print tests with color codes), Black & White values as secondary resource and yellow as the third distinguish color for the details that needs to stand out or spaces that should have a different energy.

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