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Stages Flight Event

Event Concept

Identity of a Indoor Cycling event in Ministry of Sound in London

Introducing Stages Flight, Stages Solo, New Adaptive Pedal and the new SC2 (a bike made for group cycling) at the prestigious Ministry of Sound in the UK. 
This event not only brought together people from the United States, Spain and United Kingdom, but also witnessed how music, vibrations, energy and indoor cycling can complement each other in an incredible way. 

Stages Cycling in Ministry Of Sound

We work together with the Stages Indoor Cycling team in the UK to develop an identity that weighs this energy and the feeling of feeling free on a bicycle based on the "Flight" concept.

Zenda was responsible of developing this identity for the event and creating an experience from the "flight" concept. Stages Flight is rhythm, energy, power and above all... passion. Living this experience as pilots or plane passengers.

This is how the coordinators attire, pins, flyers, tickets, objects and the videos on screen have been thought under this concept. 

We work hand-in-hand with Stages developers around how to make this bike attractive, easy to use and understand quickly its interface.

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