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Brand Redesign

Brand redesign of an international certifier

This is ones of our most popular latin project, as you can see in the image above, the previous mark on the left and our redesign on the right.This transition from an old to a new brand can have two aspects in terms of visibility: radically or progressively, so the second aspect was chosen. As a first step the brand changes its basic elements and then the other communicative elements are gradually changed.

In order for our consumers to see a transition of style and gradual communication, reaffirming that it is not a total change (we remain the same, with the same products and the same quality but much more current and renewed).

“We want our roots, land, tradition and ideology to be reflected in our brand ”

Stages Cycling in Ministry Of Sound

Clear as water, Zenda chose to keep the old symbol of the brand but giving it a little twist and redesigning its shape, using a uniform line thickness and adding more space between the elements, which allows to assimilate each segment and ensuring its readability in small and large formats. 

"Details that appeal to the senses and make the difference"

When rethinking our symbol we opt for a concept that identifies us and makes us feel unique. The creation of the Pre-Columbian God of Agriculture comes from the characters that contains our name. 

As for the typography (Montserrat), adjustments were made in the symbols to achieve a more personality differentiator, the characters “A” have been modified, their internal bars have been raised giving them an elevation that is inspired by the Guatemalan pyramids of Tikal. 

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