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Brand identity for a Clothes Brand from San Andrés, Colombia

KHUDA was an interesting challenge as client because they were three partners with lots of ideas and lots of energy, they jumped from one idea to another all the time, so before we started we said "Why not to use this energy and heterogeneous ideas to represent the identity?After taking all the energy and a mix of ideas with concepts like "Stylish, fresh and sleek", we thought of people with a young spirit and created a no limits brand.

They chose a Barracuda as a symbol of their brand to represent it because they wanted to capture their islander feeling in addition this fish is typical and common of San Andres Island (Colombia).

"If you’re going to design someone a new identity, you better have a crystal-clear idea of who they want to be"

"Made with love"

The construction of this symbol is simple because of its base in a grid of geometric shapes and capturing the essence of this fish was very interesting. 

After many sketches, ideas and backs and foths we achieved an element strong enough that combined with typography solved the needs that any composition requires.

A brand with a palette of possibilities without limits.

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