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Packaging Design

Packaging is your tangible brand

Many brands achieve their goals through their products and, in this sense, packaging speaks for everything. Are you ready to create your product creatively and with visual impact?


Persuade and fall in love with your packaging

In Zenda, we designs labels, packages, wrappings, packing, containers and new packaging formats that talk to the public or target: that show them the product’s values and captivate and conquer them. They persuade them to keep them in their trolley and in their life as well. We want brands to get their customers to fall in love with them.


Thinking of creating and designing amazing labels?

Some products around the world are more powerful and enjoy greater recognition than any brand. This is why it is of paramount importance that the design labels of such products be handled with the same parameters that we use to treat brands.

+ Approach when designing labels.

+ Help products to stand out on the shelf.

+ Labels should be descriptive and seductive with their design.

+ Captivate consumers.

Packages and wrappers with magic and love

Shape or form speak loud and clear. The shape or form is also the brand. An exclusive wrapper says just as much about a product as any descriptor, copy, slogan or storytelling. A bottle whose shape is different to others speaks volumes about the drink it contains. Right?

Image by Honest Paws

+ Packaging design is not limited to labels.

+ Product packages and wrappers designs by brand digital agency.

+ Creative box design.

Bottle Cap Mockup.jpg

Your packages and containers can be remembered!

Is it necessary that all packages and containers be of the well-known brown cardboard? Go ahead and create a different package for your product so that your brand and product are remembered and easily recognized in the market.

+ Fresh and innovative package design.

+ Advantage of treating the design of packaging and containers.

+ The end consumer is everywhere, not just at the point of sale.

+ Recall your product when they go shopping.

A transparent process ensures an ideal result

You can consult the design process when you need it. Working together, client and creative, is a fact.

Our professionals can always share information about the stages your project is in.


+ Direct contact with the creative in charge of your project.

+ Calls and online meetings to check the process.

+ Creative process available in English and Spanish.

Are you thing in create a new format?

Have you thought that you can be a cut above your competitors?

We are fascinated by working on projects that do not want to use matrices, formats or standard material, that seek innovation and exclusivity. Developing new formats is about taking packaging to the next level.

Are you ready?


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