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Brand Design

We translate your concept into a unique brand

If you are looking for a digital brand agency specialized in creating, developing, improving and maintaining brands, you have come to the ideal place. At Zenda, we translate each of the values and attributes you have into a brand strategy or to refresh some details.


Every detail is important

The creation, development and implementation of a new brand, or redesign, take a series of steps that at Zenda we always seek to perfect, we learn from each experience, we play and explore to find new elements that allow us to improve or enhance the communication of a brand.

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Every part of who we are and what we want to be

We work carefully with the information you share with us, and we also explore for more information to help direct our project.

+ Analysis and market comparison. Advantages and disadvantages of our brand.

+ Study of our competition.

+ Study of values and virtues of our brand.

+ Analysis of our target audience.

From the minimum to the unexpected

When we create your brand we don't think about limits, we prepare it to last over time.


+ Risks that your brand must face.

+ Brand application strategy.

+ Advice for brand application.

+ Discursive analysis.

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Being organized and being prepared is a given.

Our professionals work with the highest software technology to provide a professional and high-quality result.

+ Complete and sophisticated brand manual.

+ Suggestion of third-party premium content.

+ Files open to any design software. To be edited by your design team or any printing company.

+ Brand building based on trial and error.

A transparent process ensures an ideal result

You can consult the design process of your brand when you need it. Working together, client and creative, is a fact.

Our professionals can always share information about the stages your project is in.


+ Advice during the brand creation process.

+ Direct contact with the creative agency.

+ Online calls and meetings to check the process.

+ Creative process available in English and Spanish.

You only want a logo?

Of course you can contract with us the design of a logo, totally original, unique and professional.


Although we want to tell you that you have to bear in mind that a Logo is only a part of the world that is a brand. But we also understand that sometimes it is necessary to go by parts since you do not have the resources to acquire a job of great magnitude.


That's why we have 3 exclusive packages for startups.

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Boost your brand with our packs


Short exploration

Initial Moodboard.

Basic brand guideline

1 Logo option.

1 round of changes.



Short exploration

2 Initial Moodboard.

Basic brand guideline

2 Logo option.

2 round of changes.

1 Brand Application.


Study and intense exploration

3 Initial Moodboard.

Complete brand guideline

3 Logo option + Variables

3 round of changes.

3 Brand Application.

Advice for its implementation


Inspirational Moodboard throughout the process.

Complete brand identity design.

Round of unlimited changes.

Brand applications as required.

Complete brand manual.

Advice for its application.

Payment plans.

Exclusive third-party content.

Coordination with all Zenda Brand Lab services.

(Web Design, UX, Copywriter, Editorial, Brand Design, Illustration, Brand Consulting, Social Media Marketing).

You don't know which package is the one that suits you? Send us a message

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