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Art and Design are not the same, but when joined in a cover they are great.

It is your opportunity to create something unique and special for the launch of your podcast, song or music album.


Tell us what you want or choose one of our references

You can send us ideas for podcast covers or music albums as a reference of what you hope to achieve in the final design or check our list of options that may interest you.

Image by Ben Sweet

Get a unique and 100% original cover using your photo

Our team in addition to creating unique and online cover designs, you can also use your own cover photos if you wish.

+ Original digital covers online.

+ Podcast covers with your photo.

+ Creative design for covers.

+ Using your photo in creatives covers.

A transparent process ensures an ideal result

You can consult the design process of your cover when you need it. Working together, client and creative, is a fact.

Our professionals can always share information about the stages your project is in.

Image by Thought Catalog

+ Advice during the cover creation process.

+ Direct contact with the creative agency.

+ Online calls and meetings to check the process.

+ Creative process available in English and Spanish.

Are you ready to launch your project with an amazing cover?

Here you can compare the different plans for the creative design of your cover that we have available for one-time or monthly contract, as you need it.


1 Front end design.

1 round of corrections.

JPG + CMYK file

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+ 2 final design options.

+ 2 Rounds of changes.

+ Personalized photo.

+ Cover and back cover design.

JPG + CMYK file


+ 3 Final design options.

+ 2 Rounds of changes.

+ Personalized photo.

+ Cover and back cover design.

+ Adaptations for social networks.

+ Advice in all process

JPG + CMYK file


You don't know which package is the one that suits you? Send us a message

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